#75 Peter Kalmus – We need a billion climate activists

Peter Kalmus a climate scientist at NASAs Jet propulsion Lab where he uses satellite data and models to study the rapidly changing Earth, focusing on boundary layer clouds and ecological forecasting.
His award-winning book, Being the Change: Live Well and Spark a Climate Revolution gives real life solutions to move away from a consumerist lifestyle that isn’t even making us happy.
I met Peter on Zoom just a few days before the US Election.
We talked about why he quit his job as an astro physicist to become a climate scientist and activist, and completely changed his life style and why it is so important to live as you preach, to gain credibility and that we need to become a billion climate activists
He explains why the soft deniers are just as dangerous as the hard deniers and why we need a super strong grass root climate movement and bring the soft deniers into it.

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Publicerat Nov 27, 2020