#8 Renee Lertzman - We need to create space to share our stories

Renee Lertzman is an environmental engagement, research and strategy advisor, living in Berkeley in California. I met Renee in October and had a very inspiring conversation about the psychology of climate change, how climate anxiety is affecting us , why it is crucial that we create space for conversations were we can express our feelings about climate change and why blaming and shaming people for their behavior is not a very effective way to create action and engagement. To be able to create a more sustainable world Renee says that we need people who understand psychology working in partnership with people who understand the global environmental situation and people who understand how organizations operate.

For more information about Renee, visit her web site. Renee's book: Environmental Melancholia: Psychoanalytic dimensions of engagement

In the episode she also mentions:

Publicerat Dec 11, 2015